if anyone ever calls you a slut just say ‘and yet i still won’t fuck you’ and then blow them a kiss as you saunter away because that’s the closest they’re ever gonna get to your magnificence, o smaug, chiefest and greatest of calamaties

Ladies real talk

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steve is about to crash his plane into the arctic, and peggy’s voice is crackling over the radio. he knows he’s going to die. and sure he’s scared—who wouldn’t be? but he’s really a lot more calm than he should’ve been. after all, he promised his best pal to the end of the line. bucky already got off, see, and steve missed the stop.

he’s already late, and he’d hate to keep bucky waiting.


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#the most horribly beautiful thing in the entire world #This transition is seriously Oscar worthy #because you can see the split SECOND that Jimmy becomes Cas #the way that his eyes adjust and he learns how to breathe in gif one #the feel of using his motor functions in gif 2 #Cas is learning what babies do in 10 years #in 10 seconds #but what gets me the most #THE ABSOLUTE MOST #is the unfiltered wonder in Cas’ face in the first gif #This is an angel that spent all these years wondering what humanity was like #what it’s like to be in the shoes of god’s favorite creation #his senses are magnified and he’s suddenly in this 170 pound bag of meat essentially #it’s … stunning #I AM SO EMOTIONAL OVER CAS AND ANGELS AND JIMMY AND /EVERYTHING/ #I love you so muuUuuUuUuuUUCH #my sweet prince

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The Family Dinner

I’ve never hit reblog so fast in my life,

  • Dean brings his ‘best friend’ Cas over for dinner when Sam is home from school, and then discovers that Sam’s brought back Jess as well.
  • Everything goes wonderfully until afterwards, over dessert, when Jess asks Cas when he and Dean got together because she legitimately thinks they’re dating.
  • Sam tries to awkwardly explain that Dean and Cas aren’t actually- they’re not- and Cas cuts him off and shyly says “last month.”
  • Jess continues smiling at Cas and telling him that he and Dean are super cute together.
  • Sam, Mary, and John all turn slowly to look at Dean in absolute shock.
  • Dean coughs and asks for more pie.

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